Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

I know it's tomorrow but what the fuck.

Because of you:

I am the artist I am today because I was blessed with your teaching and knowledge of art in order to get where I am today, in order to even BE and artist it all started off with you.

I am a happy, crazy, go lucky person instead of an annoying cranky bitch like mom. You help keep the balance.

I am able to see the positives and joys in life and always have high hopes because you always tell me to reach higher and keep going, to never give up.

I know how to stay strong, throw a good football and not waist my time doing uneccessary bullshit to myself. Instead I see what a joy it is to play a good game.

I was able to experience anime and it's new style of animation, it's lack of limits and wonderful action to drive me to draw and want to become and animator.

I was able to see new things, not typical things but new erotic, out of this world things.

I am able to enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, weird shit, the beautiful.

I have someone to relate to, to show off to my friends and never be embarassed, to be proud of and to say 'That's MY dad and NOT yours'

Everyone wishes they had a father like you, and that feels great.

I know what it's like to be a kid, to enjoy being a kid, and to know it's OKAY to be a kid.

I am proud to say that when people say I look TONS like you more than mom, I'm happy.

I don't need any kind of sibling to have to play some video games with or watch a couple of cartoons, I have you.

I have FUN with my life even when it seems down, I get over things fast, ALWAYS have a smile, and can't really get mad.

I am proud to be who I am, you make me feel like I'm the god of this puny world, I am not afraid to show you what I can do because I know you'd always be proud of me.

I am here, I am alive.

I love.


Dad may have only gave half, but to me he gave it his all. They say compared to mom and him, I look tons like him, and baby, that feels good to hear.


Tons of symbolism for dad in this picture:

He loves Star Wars, the color orange, comic books and me.

He's my dad and not yours.

I love you .

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